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Robert Sette is a professional with more than 30 years’ experience in the field of translation & interpreting. He prepares document translations
from Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian and Catalan into English. If you need documents translated from English into one of these languages,
or if you need a different language combination, he also works with an extensive, global network of professional translators.

Robert is a member in good standing of the American Translators Association (ATA), The National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and
Translators (NAJIT) and The Colorado Translators Association (CTA).

Why is it important to work with
a professional translator?

I know how to adjust the temperature of the hot water tank in my house, and I can to replace a faucet on my bathroom sink. But that does not mean that I am qualified as a plumber or can install a new kitchen for you

In the same way, when you require a translation for immigration, academic or professional purposes, you shouldn’t rely on a friend, relative or neighbor who does not have experience working with documents in a wide variety of subject areas. Often, those amateurs do not have the language or research skills to correctly translate your important documents into English. Professional translators like myself spend many years learning not only their languages, but gaining subject area expertise. We invest significant effort in earning certifications and taking coursework for continuing professional development (CPD) in order to maintain those certifications.

Lastly, a notarized certificate of accuracy can only be issued and signed by a competent professional translator. An ATA-certified translator will also affix their official seal to the documents. You can consult a sample certification statement here.

Translation cost

Translators generally charge by the word when working for business to business customers, so you will get a total price for completion of your project, not a price per page or paragraph.

Robert is glad to provide you with a firm cost estimate for translation of your documents. Please send an email to Robert and attach a legible quality scan of your foreign language documents. Also be sure to include the desired deadline for electronic delivery of your documents. Most translations of personal documents will require 2-4 business days under standard turnaround. Rush turnaround is also available. Once you submit a quote, Robert will generally provide you with a cost estimate within 1 business day.

Quality guarantee

Robert has been providing certified translations for over 30 years. Your documents are in good hands, and should any questions arise, Robert will promptly reply and work out any issue with the requesting organization.

Feel free to contact Robert to obtain a cost estimate for certified translations of the following types of documents:

  • Academic & professional certification documents, such as diplomas, college & university transcripts, course descriptions, professional licenses, etc.
  • Documents for immigration and/or visa applications (birth and/or marriage certificates, divorce decrees, financial documents, etc.)
  • Other personal, business or legal documents (powers of attorney, prenuptial or separation agreements, wills and estate documents, other business documents).

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